Project Management

Project Management

We have a track record of delivering construction projects, on time, within budget, and at the right quality. We adopt different and relevant project management strategies to suit the requirements of each individual project.

Start and completion dates will often already be defined in the tender documents. The contractor’s tender may have included a programme of works but detailed resourcing is rarely carried out at tender stage.

We can subject the programme to resource checking. We identify any restrictions or limitations on constituent items to highlight whether the specification and programme are compatible. If changes are required to one or the other, early identification is beneficial.

We identify the critical path and prioritise securing resources required to maintain or improve the completion dates on the critical path. Continual communication and regular meetings with all parties are key to focussing minds on the overall objective along with the individual issues.

Effective project management is a combination of organisation, advanced planning, anticipation, good communication, continual controlling, monitoring, reviewing and adapting. We combine these disciplines with our personal, technical and professional skills to respond to every aspect of project delivery. Our surveying background means that we are continually considering the costs of our decisions and balancing this against the programme.

We have delivered projects large and small for contractors and clients involved with construction and refurbishment. We combine our experience in commercial construction, the construction process and management to deliver each project with the right result for quality, time and cost.