Our Services

Our Services

Our estimating service is used by national and main contractors to provide . We have 30 years experience in construction estimating and are widely experienced in both traditional, and design and build estimating.

We apply best practice to calculate the keenest cost price. We identify areas of risk and seek to exclude or limit the risk, resulting in a more competitive estimate.

  • Each enquiry is managed by a dedicated, experienced estimator.
  • Site information is methodically recorded using the model site visit report provided by CIOB.
  • We produce take offs to allow quotes to be obtained and properly compared.
  • We identify trade packages and highlight any overlap. We prepare and issue specialist enquiry packages for pricing.
  • We price the estimate using each contractor’s labour, plant & material costs and utilise preferred suppliers & subcontractors.
  • If further contacts are required an extensive list of tried and tested subcontractors is available.
  • We check, analyse and compare subcontract and supplier quotations.
  • In many cases the bid submission requires more than just a priced tender document. We can prepare a programme and outline risk & method statements to accompany the tender if required.
  • All information is provided with the estimate to enable the successful contractor to place direct orders or start negotiations with the supply chain.
  • Our accurate cost estimates provide a solid foundation for all future budgeting and post tender cost control.

The competitive edge:
As clients require more information to be submitted with the tender, the cost of tendering rises and it becomes more important for a contractor to maintain a reasonable success rate when tendering. When preparing an estimate we will look to gain the competitive advantage. This may be through alternative, or more economical suppliers, manufacturers or materials, design simplifications, or more cost effective construction methods. Through careful interpretation of the client’s requirements, as stated in the tender documents, we will submit a very competitive tender, sometimes with alternatives for the client’s consideration.

Where tender documents contain unclear or risky items we may seek exclude or isolate these items by use of qualifications or tender notes. We may offer provisional sums for unclear items rather than adding a risk allowance to the tender. This commercial approach, when clearly explained, will be welcomed by the client and provides a competitive edge for the contractor.